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    Find out everything about the home kitchen service

    In which locations is the home cooking service provided?

    District of Braga, Viana do Castelo, Douro region, and in the Porto region and surrounding areas.

    How does the service work?

    The service is developed in 6 steps:

    • The first step is choosing the menu and general service conditions (number of guests, adults and children, starting time, prices, etc.).
    • The next step will be to make purchases. 
    • In our facilities we carry out mise en place, that is, the preparation of some foods or even pre-cooking.
    • At the client's home, we prepare the menu and prepare the space where lunch or dinner will be served.
    • We serve dinner or lunch at the agreed time.
    • In the end, we sanitize the spaces so that they remain as we found them.
    How many people are part of the team?

    It depends on the number of guests and the service desired. Up to 16 Adults, the team consists of the Chef plus an assistant.

    Do you do catering services?

    No. This is a personalized home cooking service. We use the client's kitchen and all available accessories for cooking and serving.

    What conditions do I need to have to do the service?

    A conventional kitchen equipped with normal cooking accessories. Depending on the menus, some additional accessories/equipment may be required, which are previously checked with the customer.

    How long is the service?

    The service starts at the time of purchase and is accounted for as follows

    • Shopping time 
    • Preparation time (Mise en place) depending on the menu
    • Travel time to the customer
    • Service at the customer's home
    • Sanitization at the end of the service
    What types of events do they hold?

    We host lunches and dinners that may include:

    • Family or friends events
    • Birthday Events
    • Occasional events
    • Celebration events
    • Company events
    • Team building
    Do you have any alternatives for those with allergies or intolerances?

    Yes, special menus will be prepared for the different needs of customers, whether they are allergic or intolerant.

    I'm Vegetarian. Do you have an alternative menu?

    Yes, we provide menus according to different diets, namely:

    • Vegan
    • Vegetarian
    • Macrobiotics
    • Paleo
    • Diet for diabetics
    • Children's diets
    Do you prepare tasting menus?

    Yes, and other types of menus, such as:

    • Traditional Portuguese
    • Tapas and others
    • Tasting menus
    • Others to be agreed with the customer

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