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I was born in a family that is intimately connected to cuisine and we all love cooking.
I remember, at a very young age, tasting my grandfather's soup for breakfast and being delighted!
I remember going into my grandmother's kitchen and being enchanted by the unforgetable fragrance the food released.
Ever since I was a child, I prefered to help with cooking than any other chore. Because of this passion, I started, at an early age, helping my aunts in their caterings.
The passion for cooking is in my DNA, it's part of me! It's my life!
I love to prepare a good meal and I do it with great pleasure!
I love experimenting and improvising so I never make the same recipe in the same way, the next one will always be a little bit different!
Cooking for me is an art to which I dedicate myself with a lot of enthusiasm. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to indulge in the pleasure of cooking.
My motto is to provide moments of happiness and pleasure to all those who taste my food.
Marta Cortez
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What I Do Best!

I will cook at your home
You decide what you want for dinner, I go shopping and I cook it at your house.
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Cakes and Pastries
I bake delicious cakes and homemade pastry. From birthday cakes to Christmas Treats
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Im not jealous, so i teach my recipes to adults and even to children.
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